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I am writing this the day after the insurgence in the United States. The day after an ugly moment in history occurred. Everything I write from now on will be written with that piece of history as part of my reality.

I am currently writing a book and I am writing this post in the context of everything that has transpired to date and especially, I am writing this in the moment that I am in.

This moment, January 7, 2021

If I write about women, I am writing with the knowledge of what has already happened and what is happening – Women had to fight to vote and are still fighting for equal pay while finding their voice to shout #METOO

If I write about diversity or inclusion and I writing with the knowledge that Slavery was abolished yet the echoes of BLM still fill my ears

If I am writing about air travel, I am writing with the knowledge of the Wright Brothers first flight and with the experience of 9/11 and in my current reality that it is not considered safe for health reasons but, is desired.

If I am writing about music, I am writing with the knowledge that many talented artists are no longer with us but, their music still inspires.

If I am writing today, I am writing in the moment when I know that history has been made and is still unfolding. I am writing in a moment that people will ask “do you remember when…?”

I am right in the moment as I write in the moment

We will all be impacted by the moments in our lives and some of those moments we share broadly with our family or friends, our community or country and as with COVID, we have shared experiences globally.

Some moments you recognize are BIG moments when you are IN them. Others you realize it when reflecting back or when someone asks, “do you remember…?”

On January 6th, 2021 my elderly parents received their vaccine against COVID while a group of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol building in the United States of America.

Waking up in Canada on January 7th, 2021 I have the knowledge that my parents are vaccinated against a deadly virus and the United States has declared that democracy will continue. For both, the single shot in the arm will not be enough to ensure healthy survival. It will take continuous and conscious effort. This knowledge is now part of my reality as I write IN this moment.

Do you remember…?

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