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Where does Wisdom come from…?

Where does wisdom come from…?

It often comes from looking back, from reflecting, from adding perspective and recognizing the context

It can come from being kindly critical to yourself and your actions.

Looking at what went wrong and why

What could have gone better and how

Uncovering the Ah-Ha for yourself in a visceral way so that it is not soon forgotten

It requires us to let go of being “right”. To let go of our protected self-image and accepting we may have erred.

Wisdom comes from being an objectively open observer of the situation

And, wisdom comes from having been there before so that you recognize the signs, so that you can be kind towards others who may not have had the benefit of your previous experience.

Wisdom comes from understanding that this moment may not matter as much in the future or, that it may matter much more that you initially knew.

Wisdom can be quiet but speak volumes

Wisdom can be shared or saved

Wisdom is an intentional practice of learning

It can look like savvy insight, tactful caution, or mature thoughtfulness

It can protect, guide, circumvent or enlighten

It can be clever, logical or shrewd

But it must be attended to, it requires contemplation and demands consideration

It may require perception, common sense, and gumption

But it does require you

I can share my wisdom, but you have not earned it yet

Wisdom requires internal focus, active application, and vigilance

But once you have earned it, it is yours and it will then require intentional action to lose it

Knowledge may be Power, but Wisdom is Freedom, free from repeating mistakes

Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is Understanding

“Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.” – Unknown (Wise) Author



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