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Unscripted Events

What if… you could create a truly UnScripted Event?

If you could, then what is possible changes. New opportunities emerge and you find inspiration everywhere.

Let us partner with you to design a completely UnScripted Event; whether it is part of a larger conference or a single event on its own, whether it is in-person or on-line, we will design the Experience.

We partner with you to create an UnForgettable and UnExpected Experience whether live in-person or on-line.

From flexible topics to flexible locations, we can help create UnScripted moments in an otherwise scripted conference OR we can start with a Clean Slate and create an entirely UnScripted event experience. Whether for 5 or 5000, we work with you to design a unique experience to meet your needs.

Examples of our custom-designed UnScripted Events:

Picture a conference without an agenda… (no script) the participants decide what is to be discussed and before your eyes the event evolves.

An unconventional conference opening for 800 delegates designed to be: inclusive, connect attendees, inspire discussion, and provide an experience with indigenous drummers that will not soon be forgotten.

Cocktails and Conversations. Facilitated discussion held in the bar – ‘cuz that is where all the best conversations happen, so why not just start there’. Small groups working together to solve each other’s toughest challenges.

The VIPlane. Demonstrating collaboration can occur anywhere, even at 38,000 feet.

When it is safe for us to meet in person again and you need breakthrough thinking, consider Ideas in Motion or a unique location to spark ideas.

Get out of the office and surround yourself in a new environment and you will get new ideas. Allow us to design the entire event and select a unique and stimulating environment for your group based on your objectives. Could be an art gallery, a retreat in the woods, or on board a moving vehicle. Change doesn’t stay still, why should you?

Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem, come up with a new idea or innovation, or set the stage for your strategic planning initiative – you can bet the conversation changes when you go off the usual script.

If you want different results, you might have to change how you talk about them.

Find inspiration everywhere.


Working with Jennifer Spear has been an amazing experience. She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure successful delivery of her programs and is always willing to try something new. Jennifer is not just an engaging speaker, she is also an innovator. We have worked together to create unique programing at conferences while connecting back to our brand, she has delivered cutting edge content while speaking at 38,000 feet in the air, and she is my collaborator for ideas that need a little flare. Jennifer is a true industry leader and an absolute pro at what she does. I feel very fortunate to work with her. 

Candace Schierling

Director of National Conventions


the Unexpected, the Unpredictable,

and the Unavoidable.”

Jennifer Spear

Time left to make an impact this year.

New opportunities await in 2023...

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