Take advantage of changeTM


The pace of change is accelerating, in fact – today is the slowest it will ever be again.

What if your people were inspired to embrace change and seize unexpected opportunities?

The reason unexpected change is painful is because not only do we not trust the new uncertainty of our surroundings, we also don’t trust ourselves to handle it.

My job is to prove to you that whatever happens… YOU Got This!

This is not about Change Management – this about managing Yourself in Change, Leading Others through Change so that you can

Take Advantage of Change

Challenge your
in order to innovate.

Develop the
to be Confident when facing uncertainty.

Discover the
needed to Manage in the Moment and Collaborate for Success.

Change isn’t going away so we might as well get good at it. Period.

Completely customized, highly interactive, engaging and fun. Always.

UnScripted Keynotes whether live in-person or virtual are Perfect to:

  • Launch a new initiative
  • Challenge thinking and assumptions that may be holding you back
  • Spark new ideas and innovation
  • Inspire your audience to embrace change with the right mindset
  • Engage your people to laugh while they learn to manage the UnExpected, the UnPredictable and the UnAvoidable
  • Give your people the courage and confidence to take advantage of change – let them know that THEY GOT THIS!

“We partnered with Jennifer to be our keynote speaker for our Technology Transformation Event series – 11 events taking place across 7 cities in North America. Our goal was to engage the hearts and minds of our technology team, to help them understand their role and be prepared for our transformation journey. 

 As our keynote, Jennifer was outstanding in connecting with our employees and inspiring them to embrace change and be ready for the unexpected. She  tailored her message to resonate with her audience and helped them connect the dots to see the path forward.  

 While some keynote speakers deliver their speech and go – that’s definitely not the way Jennifer rolls. She has been a valued member of our team from day one – playing an integral part in the planning and delivery of our event series. Jennifer provided great insights and feedback to help us elevate and continuously improve the event experience.  She is a true partner and has been a kind and thoughtful mentor to me. As the person accountable to make this event series happen, with Jennifer’s support I could confidently say I got this!” 

Joanne Lafreniere | Director – Employee Technology Experience & Communications

Enterprise Technology Employee Experience

Technology & Operations

BMO Financial Group


Got This!”

Jennifer Spear

Time left to make an impact this year.

New opportunities await in 2024...

What impact do you want to make?