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A good Emcee can thread a conference together, keep it flowing and on time, and engage the audience while inspiring them into action.

A great Emcee can do this while understanding it’s not about “them” and keeping calm when circumstance take you off the original plan (script).

Jennifer is an UnScripted Emcee.  Whether you need an Emcee at a live-in person or a Digital Emcee, Jennifer’s clients hire her as they know when things go off-script, She’s Got This! Always prepared for the UnExpected, the UnPredictable, and the UnAvoidable, and when these happen (and they will) she will be UnFlappable.


“We hired Jennifer to be our conference emcee and session moderator in early January 2022. It was a fantastic decision on our part! Jennifer went above and beyond to ensure a successful 2-day event! She was professional, engaging and a delight to work with at every stage from planning to execution. Great reviews from our members and staff. Thank you, Jennifer, for being a big part of our virtual event! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”

Kathryn Neals, Manager, Membership & Board Relations, Ontario Real Estate Association

“I don’t have all the words I need to tell you how much I appreciated your contribution to the CSAE Conference – Associations <decoded>. I knew you were going to be awesome, but I couldn’t have anticipated how much impact you would have. You were funny, dramatic, insightful, cool, clever, and you just really stitched everything together into a whole. And, as always, I just had so much fun working with you. I felt like I had a true partner helping make this event something special. Your participation as decoder-in-chief elevated everything that happened on our main stage. Truly. I am so grateful that you agreed to come on this journey with us. You are one of a kind. Thank you, Jen! We could not have done it without you. You’re simply the best!”

Danielle Lamothe, VP Innovation and Learning

Canadian Society of Association Executives

Panel Moderation

Panels are becoming an ever-popular way to engage your audience, showcase diverse thinking and attitudes, and demonstrate real life experiences and can be great for both in-person and virtual events.

The problem… most of them feature talking heads with scripted responses.

Instead… UnScripted Panel Moderation is designed to evoke and engage the panelists and the entire audience in dialogue in a compelling way.


“Jennifer, Thank you for all your work behind the scenes in pulling together an engaging and interactive CanSPEP Great Debate. You’re a top-notch facilitator and kept the session moving, with questions for the Debate participants and the audience, and the polling for participant feedback. I also want to thank you for presenting the Unscripted Events Workshop, and participating at The VIPlane discussion. Your extensive involvement at the conference as a speaker, facilitator, in conference calls, and pre-prep work is most appreciated and is a factor in the success of this Conference. YOU ROCK!”

Ingrid Norrish, President, Creative Meeting & Marketing Services

Education Co-Chair, CanSPEP Annual Conference


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