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Facilitation well done, is a perfect combination of Art and Science. The intersection of Design and Delivery that allows the conversations that need to happen in order to explore the real issues and get to the heart of the matter.

What if you could have a constructively creative, strategically relevant, outcome-oriented discussion about your toughest challenges?

What if you could uncover insights that could propel your team forward?

UnScripted Facilitation is always completely customized to the needs of the group. It challenges the status quo and disrupts patterns of thinking in order to uncover new discoveries. Allowing all voices to be heard while moving the discussions forward.

Whether it is a brainstorming session to uncover the next greatest innovation, the strategic discussion needed in order to move the group forward, or a large-scale facilitation of 500 peers that is required in order to solve a wicked problem and tackle the assumptions surrounding it.

UnScripted Facilitation, whether together live in-person or virtual is perfect for:

  •  Strategic Discussions – not just limited to creating the strategic plan, but having the discussions needed in order to move the organization forward. Ensuring everyone accepts the new reality of your circumstances and crafting a new direction that everyone can be excited about.
  • Solving wicked problems facing you and your team in an open and meaningful way that leads to innovative results.
  • Effective brainstorming that challenges assumptions and leads to breakthrough ideas for products, services, markets, business models, process, or promotions.

Examples of our custom-designed sessions:

Facilitated brainstorming session with the strategic division of a financial institution charged with developing a new online product in that highly competitive space.

Facilitated the Board of an established national Association struggling to remain relevant in their new technology-driven reality.

Facilitated discussion with a young and successful Not-For-Profit considering expanding in either scope or scale.

Facilitated problem solving session for aerospace engineers stuck on a highly technical glitch that was holding them back from advancing their important work.

Facilitated Strategic Planning for national Health Charity needing to focus limited resources in the most impactful way.

Facilitation of a plenary session at a Conference where every participant in the room solved their own problem while helping others solve theirs.

“As I watched Jennifer work, she guided the group to a new level of understanding around the value of Creative Problem Solving and possibilities it offers. Her professional and intuitive demeanor allowed for a seamless transition from uncertainty to excitement.”

Karen Freidt, Lead

NASA’s Navigation Center for Creativity, Collaboration & Innovation


“I have been lucky enough to have experienced Jennifer’s facilitation skills on several occasions with different groups both large and small and have been amazed at her ability to bring everyone along, engage our input, keep us on task, tie a multitude of complexities together and enable great outcomes. She has a wonderful way with people and provides creative exercises that keep all involved and interested. Jennifer guided our conference design team into a space where we could be creative and focus on how we could best deliver the learning outcomes of our conference. Jennifer’s breadth of knowledge and experiences provided our team with proven approaches that helped us curate and deliver thoughtful content.”

Carolyn Leslie, Events and Engagement Specialist

Community Foundations of Canada

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