Take advantage of changeTM

Change within a company

isn’t an open threat,

it’s an offer

So take it.

You have everything to gain.

 At Clean Slate we create customized UnScripted designs that address different issues within different organizations faced with the same inevitability —


 As someone who’s been keynoting and running workshops – exposing groups to their unconscious attitudes and cracking their assumptions as they deal with unexpected challenges like acquisitions, new tech, fresh competition, whatever the issue – I can tell you:

The reason unexpected change is painful is because not only do we not trust the new uncertainty of our surroundings, we also don’t trust ourselves to handle it.

 My job is to prove to you that whatever happens… you got this.

 Because life will never cease to throw its curveballs. But something truly remarkable happens when you go Unscripted and throw a curveball right back.

How did I get here…?


I’m a recovering corporate executive, an ex-VP of Marketing and HR, where I was the busy type with the razor focus and the endless cycle of rotting take-out in the fridge.

I worked 100 plus hours a week, slept in fragmented chunks, and stayed in my lane with the pedal to the floor. We’ve all felt those situations where something’s gotta give. Well, sometimes the something is you. And that breaking point can be a busted hole in the ship or, in my case back then… a quiet tapping in the dark.

One night I sat in my office after hours reading about an open class for improv, the goal being to get out the door one day a week by 7:00 pm. With a tap of the mouse, I was enrolled.

Sometimes our choices, even small ones, to venture off our usual script aren’t just about “making a change.” They’re about accepting that the current situation doesn’t work. And engaging with the reality of what is.

In improv, you can’t rehearse. All you have is the moment, and tuning in is your only playbook. In improv, there’s no backing down from the chaos, and your role is necessary in the uncertainty… so pay attention.

The circumstances are what they are.

Rejection of those circumstances isn’t an option.

YES is the only destiny.

And we have everything we need to make an offering to the moment.

I ended up going all the way with improv. Around the same time that I earned my Executive MBA I graduated from the famous Second City Improvisation program because, just like work and business I take improv seriously.

Today in my own company, I mesh the concepts and creeds of improv and problem solving into my customized designs for client-work that address different issues within different organizations faced with the same inevitability…


Change within a company isn’t an open threat, it’s an offer.

So what are you willing to gain?

The details

Jennifer Spear:

  • Recovering Corporate Executive dissatisfied with the status quo
  • Keynoter, Facilitator, Problem Solver
  • President & Creative Strategist, Clean Slate Strategies


  • National Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • National Board of Meetings Mean Business Canada
  • Chair, GMID Canadian Committee, Global Meetings Industry Day 2019-2020


  • Ivey’s Executive MBA Program
  • Second City’s Improvisation Program
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Distinction


  • Facilitator, Basadur Creative Problem Solving
  • Facilitator, Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile
  • Professional Innovation Advisor

Proud Member of:

The UnConsultants

We put together an UnScripted Team to meet your unique needs. We have the luxury to hand pick the best people for you and create your Dream Team from our network of leading practitioners and facilitators from a variety of fields around the world.

Rave Reviews

“Jennifer is a complete professional who is a joy to work with.

I now have her on speed-dial.”
Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM

Principal, ProPlan Conferences & Events Planner, VIPlane

“As our keynote, Jennifer was outstanding in connecting with our employees and inspiring them to embrace change and be ready for the unexpected.”
Joanne Lafreniere

Director, Employee Technology Experience & Communications, BMO Financial Group

“…I walked out of the session with several solutions to a problem that had kept me awake the night before. How many times does your Monday morning start out like that?”
Allan Dubyts, CEO

SafeandSecured.com Inc

“Not only does Jennifer provide memorable, informative sessions, but she has audiences laughing, standing, and participating at an unprecedented level.”
Danielle Lamothe, Director Professional Services (former)

Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly CSTD)

“Jennifer delivers not only a keynote presentation, but an experience for participants with tools they can use in their work environment.”
Irene Martin-Lindsay, Executive Director

Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing Association (ASCHA)

“Regardless of the space or time constrictions we may have placed upon her, Jennifer was able to adapt her content to our audience and our event while still managing to deliver superior results.”
Danielle Lamothe, Director Professional Services (former)

Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly CSTD)


More of the same

is not


Jennifer Spear

Time left to make an impact this year.

New opportunities await in 2024...

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