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Meeting Canceled!

Jan 10 2018

"The Meeting is Canceled" 

When you hear those words what immediately goes though your mind…?

“Oh No”
“Oh #%$*!!”
“OH YES!!”

I certainly hope that all the meetings that you attend are valuable, a worthwhile use of your time and necessary for important decision to be made and problems to be solved (if not, that’s a whole different discussion). If this is the case then you might respond in one of the first two ways.

I had a client just postpone a meeting at the last minute – an important meeting with her whole management team that took weeks to prepare for and effort to clear schedules. When I received the call to notify me, I experienced the first two responses immediately,

During that phone call I went through the 5 stages of grief in my mind:

Denial –are you kidding me?
Anger – can’t believe this. Not cool.
Bargaining – looking for potential ways to salvage the meeting, can we go ahead without the leader...?
Depression – this sucks. this is going to impact the team in a bad way.
Acceptance – it is what it is. we will schedule another time.

And then… “OH YES!!!” I suddenly had a free day. A day with no appointments, no meetings, no conference calls and NO ONE knew…! There was no time to schedule any either, it was last minute. All of a sudden I was excited, a full day that I could design and exploit. What an opportunity!

Try it. Give yourself a gift of time. Block out a day (or half a day) with nothing specific scheduled and where you don’t allow anyone to schedule something for you. A day where you could wake up and see nothing but opportunity. A “world is your oyster” kind of day.

What would you do…?

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