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Maybe I'm Amazed: 10 Performance Lessons from a Beatle

Jul 21 2016

Maybe I’m Amazed

10 Performance Lessons from a Beatle

Last night I watched as 74 year old Sir Paul McCartney created an experience for the crowd that followed a steady build throughout the night that exploded (literally) at the end with Live & Let Die. It was my third time seeing McCartney perform live, and he never disappoints.

10 Performance Lessons from a Beatle

1. Appreciate your Audience and show it often
2. Demonstrate Professionalism & Mastery
3. Create Great Content and it will last
4. Surround yourself with a good team & let them (and everyone) know how good they are
5. Sometimes Less is More, just because you can doesn’t mean you should
6. Enjoy Yourself and the Audience will too
7. Surprise your Audience
8. Give Them What They Want (Play the Hits)
9. Be Present and give it your all
10. Rehearse.

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