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Blitz Attack - Tip for Generating Lots of Ideas

Sep 25 2014

Blitz Attack  -  Tip for Generating Lots of Ideas 

When you want to come up with a good idea you need to have a lot of ideas.  (how do you know if it’s a good idea if it’s the only one you’ve had…?).  Studies have proven that Quality will come out of Quantity so the size of your idea list is important.

 In order to generate a lot of ideas you need to be able to engage in divergent thinking and you need to be able to defer your judgment of these ideas until all of the ideas are out there.  But what do you do if you get stuck and can’t come up with any more ideas…?  There are a few tricks that we can use to stimulate thinking, try this one:

 Set yourself a timer for 60 seconds, go ahead I’ll wait, now are you ready?  I want you to write a list of as many things as you can think of that are… ROUND, go! 

 BZZZZZZZ Well done! How did you do?  I knew you’d do well.  In your list did you include one of the planets?  Some of you will, some will have written “planets” and some of you will have even written “sun” “moon” and maybe “earth”.  Here is a technique to kick start your thinking and generate a long list of ideas, its called Blitzing. 

 Blitzing an idea:

What you do is you take an item from your list such as “planets” and blitz it out, write down all of the planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn… now when we get to Saturn what do you think of? Rings! And when you think of rings what do you think of?  Well some of you will think of jewellery including earrings and bracelets, I think of the Olympic Rings and that makes me think of sports so then I write down volleyball, baseball, soccer ball, basketball, tennis ball…  if we had just left it at “planets” we would never have gotten a tennis ball or a tennis bracelet.  Each idea on your list can stimulate a new idea and that idea, could turn into a great idea.

 You never know where your great idea is going to come from but chances are better that you’ll get one if you generate a lot of ideas.  Next time you are stuck take one of the items from your list and blitz it out.  And remember, size does matter when it comes to ideas, go big and long ;)

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