"Our work with Jennifer Spear of Clean Slate and her use of the Basadur Problem Solving methodology was the critical enabler of our organizational development strategy. Jennifer skillfully took subgroups from a recently formed professional services group through the same organizational challenge – integration – and was able to draw out several tangible problems to tackle. The wide array of employee voices was used in the construction of the departmental strategic roadmap, with strong buy-in as through Jennifer’s facilitated process, the management team was able to show themselves of stewards of the employee’s ideas. Jennifer’s passion and delivery, as well as the very scalable Problem Solving Methodology, took a very difficult and broad organizational problem, and involved all employees in finding a voice in the solution. Thank you Jennifer for all of your ongoing leadership, our department is stronger today, and also tomorrow, in large part due to your work with us.”
Jeff Conlin
Senior Director
Integrated Service Delivery, Operations Business Management

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