UnScripted Associations

Think Faster. Lead Smarter. Act Now!

Let’s Ditch the Script and

Change the Conversation about our Associations

Looking forward to working with you at the CSAE National Conference. We would love to share in your journey to build a future ready organization.

Let us help your teams and leaders manage the speed of change and tackle assumptions about core beliefs by working and leading UnScripted™.

Clean Slate can help organizations adopt the attitude and approach needed for today and develop new scripts needed for the future.

• Spark New Thinking, and develop mindset, toolset and skillset to Manage in the Moment™ and pivot faster.

• UnScripted™ skills: problem solving, improvising, influencing and confidence.

• UnScripted™ outcomes: embrace change, Manage in the Moment™, lead, team, and innovate better.

• Spark and support integration of new ideas and methodologies when existing ones may no longer work or fit.

• See opportunities in uncertainty and ambiguity.

• Build confidence to navigate constraints and resistance so innovation and change thrive.

Clean Slate Approach:

Everything we do is customized to your needs and objectives.
Everything we do is designed for maximum results.

• Stimulate new thinking and conversation through engaging, collaborative discovery process.

• Combine creative thinking principles, applied improvisation tools and problem solving techniques.

• Design and deliver custom, sustainable, value-based solutions.

Clean Slate Solutions:

UnScripted™ Keynotes

Kick off events with the right mindset.

UnScripted™ Workshops

Develop deeper understanding in how to work and lead UnScripted. We can focus on areas such as: Leadership, Teamwork and Trust; be present & in the moment, think on your feet, collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, negotiate skillfully, engage and develop trust and support. Great for Team Building, Leadership Retreats and Training with Purpose.

UnScripted™ UnConference

The UnConference is a way to engage conference attendees by allowing them to be part of the event, by providing input into the topics to be discussed and by being active contributors to the discussions. The design is intended to stimulate conversation, uncover assumptions and develop understanding and appreciation of different points of view and perspective.

UnScripted Strategic Planning & Creative Problem Solving

Enables the Association Leader to strategically evaluate the key employment trends impacting business and provides the opportunity to consider how to prepare a talent mandate for the future. Work together with your team to uncover unique opportunities for growth and achievement.

Assumption Busting Workshop

Great opportunity to strengthen your team by first identifying the assumptions and then challenging a current practice, program or policy that could be holding you back. Together we will create a plan for the future and ensure there is something of value that can be implemented immediately.

YOU Got This!

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Deborah Jann
Senior Associate
Clean Slate Strategies

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