What We Do

We work with you to determine your unique needs, goals and objectives - and then We Deliver Results.

We help you Work and Lead Unscripted


When you have 90 minutes or less and you want to inform, inspire and impact your audience.

Perfect for:
  • launching a new initiative
  • challenging thinking, assumptions and sparking new ideas
  • ensuring everyone receives the same message

Keynotes, the tone is often more challenging and motivational in nature, and work well with larger groups.

If you want to ensure your people or your members are fully engaged & inspired, an UnScripted Keynote is the key!

UnScripted Elements: Think, Improvise, Change


When you have anywhere from three hours to several days, and a specific problem to solve or opportunity to explore. These sessions allow you to focus on the “what” while we focus on the “how”.

Perfect for:
  • solving complex problems
  • brainstorming new ideas
  • developing a comprehensive and innovative strategic plan

You will be expertly guided through discussions designed to tap into the wisdom within the room and deliver on your objectives. Highly interactive and can be designed for small and large groups.

Good for any level, from the Board Room to the Shop Floor, expert facilitation to get to the heart of the matter and ensure everyone is heard.

UnScripted Elements: Think, Solve, Plan, Improvise, Change

Training/Workshop/Break-Out Session

When you have three hours to several days and want to develop skills or competency within your organization. These sessions are highly interactive and involve a learning transfer of skills, knowledge and/or tools that you will be given time to practice. Typically longer and for smaller groups.

Perfect for:
  • change behviour and approach to work
  • develop creative thinking skills
  • develop problem solving competency

Training your people will actually look forward to and can use immediately on the job regardless of their role or level in the organization.

We can also partner with you to create an UnScripted Event 
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planning an offsite,
meeting, conference
or event?

create an UnScripted event engage your people with dynamic keynotes and breakouts

Do you want to build creative competency in your team?

UnScripted creative thinking training equips your people the skills, tools they can apply immediately on the job.